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Wanderlust Wednesday Reykjavik Edition

Hello! Welcome to the first of many Wanderlust Wednesdays with Seabrook Travel. I'm Alyson, and every week I'm going to choose a new place to write about. Some of these places I've been to, and some are on my list. If you have a destination that you're dreaming of, feel free to message me and I'll include it on my blog list! This week, I've chosen a destination close to my heart. In June of 2016, I traveled with my Father and Grandmother to Reykjavik, Iceland, a place my dad and I had talked about for years. For me, it was a bucket list trip, and at the time I was in wanderlust heaven. Now looking back its even more special to me, as Reykjavik was the last trip I would ever take with my dad,

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