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Adios Amigos Rocky's Group is Taking off!

I'm leaving on a jet plane today! Yes Rocky's group, we maaaaddddee it! Are we excited? I am and you better be. With an itinerary starting in Barcelona, including Malta, Sicily, Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo, Marseilles,  Palma, and Valencia how could we not consider this the trip of a lifetime! I will see you all in 2 days and I'll be there with sign waiting for you! Seabrook Travel Vacations is happy to offer group discounted adventures, whether you want to meet new people or maybe you hate people and that's ok (I have sometimes felt that). WE get you where you need to go and have provided people with the best vacations for over 20 years! I can't wait for this adventure with you Rocky's group! What are we most excited for? Our private Rome tour? The private Florence tour? MONTE CARLO! I have no idea what I'm going to love most. REMEMBER bring some jackets, this is not a tropical vacation. THe weather appears to be mostly in the 60's but Rome and Florence will be the coldest! Prepare for a 40 degree day there! Also remember there is a dress up night on the cruise and I will be setting up a group dinner but we will talk more about that in BARCELONA! I can't believe it's finally here! I'm on a mission to find the best sangria and tapas tomorrow and I'll let you know where to go when I pick you guys up at the airport! ONe other thing to be careful of, pick pockets. They look for large groups. Ladies keep your bags close to you and guys put your money in your front pocket. I don't want anything stolen! It won't be an issues just use common sense. Ok I'm leaving for the airport now! See you guys soon, and thank you for choosing Seabrook Travel!

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