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Wanderlust Wednesday Reykjavik Edition

Hello! Welcome to the first of many Wanderlust Wednesdays with Seabrook Travel. I'm Alyson, and every week I'm going to choose a new place to write about. Some of these places I've been to, and some are on my list. If you have a destination that you're dreaming of, feel free to message me and I'll include it on my blog list! This week, I've chosen a destination close to my heart. In June of 2016, I traveled with my Father and Grandmother to Reykjavik, Iceland, a place my dad and I had talked about for years. For me, it was a bucket list trip, and at the time I was in wanderlust heaven. Now looking back its even more special to me, as Reykjavik was the last trip I would ever take with my dad, who passed away in August of 2016. Here's my thoughts on this unique city...

Blue Lagoon in Reykavik, Iceland is on most everyone's Pinterest travel board. With visitors like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian West, the lagoon has boomed in popularity. On my visit to Reykjavik in June of 2016, Blue Lagoon was the first stop on our whirlwind 3 day trip. Let me be the first to agree that the lagoon was one of the most beautiful and relaxing places I have ever been. Personally, I recommend the Premium package, starting at 93$ or 10200 iko. This includes the extra algea mask, a refreshing mask that follows the famous mud mask. They also give you your first drink free. I chose a sparkling rose wine, being the basic white girl I am. The included flip flop style slippers are actually quite high quality, mine are still wearable after more than a year.

With Blue Lagoon done, you are free to explore the quirky city of Reykjavik. The city is full of interesting art sure to please, and free activities. Perlan, a landmark of the city, offers stunning views perfect for instagram, a restaurant and cocktail bar. My personal favorite was the Sun Voyager statue downtown, pictured in the gallery. Catch it on a sunny day and it glistens in the sun, sparking a sense of adventure. If you enjoy Norse mythology at all, keep an eye out, as its referenced and historically seen throughout the city. Cafe Loki is a must for traditional mythology fans as well as fans of Marvel's interpretation. While the restaurant itself isn't themed, the sign outside makes for a great picture, and the breakfast was a delicious glance into traditional Icelandic fare. We also enjoyed Reykjavik Chips, which offered delicious french fries and unique sauces. Be warned, the food in Iceland was the most expensive part of the trip. Hot dogs, Reykjavik Chips, and pho ended up being our cheapest and favorite meals. For New England dwellers, don't miss the Boston bar, pictured above. I couldn't resist the photo op.

Across the water from the statue, Mount Esja is visible. The mountain was the only hike I got to do on our three day journey, but it was exactly what I wanted from my first hike in Iceland. With several trails available, you can customize your hike to fit your needs. Hike up high enough and there was snow, giving me an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Overall, Iceland was an unforgettable trip. It truly feels like an adventure (especially when paired with the Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack) and is my pick for this week's Wanderlust Wednesday.

Interested in booking? Book a tour to avoid the hassle of going self guided. Starting at 2173$ per person, you can enjoy a 6 night tour including Reykjavik, The Golden Circle, a volcano, and the Blue Lagoon. The tour also includes 5 breakfasts and 3 dinners, an expert travel director and VIP entry to many sights. This deal is offered through October to March.

If you prefer, call or come in to discuss a solo trip.

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