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Wanderlust Wednesday: Barbados Edition

Have you thought about traveling to the alluring island of Barbados? This island is in the beautiful Caribbean and offers plenty of attractions!

The historic Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, and offers a myriad of opportunities to have a good time! There are restaurants, local bars and historic tours to enjoy with friends or family. Experience a fun day shopping in cute boutiques on the famous Broad Street. Who knows who you'll meet along the way.

Bathsheba, Barbados has striking cliffs and rocks, which is great for taking memorable pictures. Although swimming isn't recommended, watching the waves crash is a must and can be very romantic.

If you're an expert in surfing try the iconic Soup Bowl in Bathsheba!

Visit the beautiful St. Nicholas Abbey, which is one of only 3 heritage sites of its kind in the western hemisphere. The St. Nicholas Abbey is a plantation site that dates back to the 1600's, where sugarcane was first raised and harvested. Here you can visit the rum distillery and purchase some at the gift shop as well as other sugar products.

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