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Savor the Savannah

I just got back from 8 days at the happiest place on earth! Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing our experiences, starting today with our Savor the Savannah.

Our tour was at 5pm, starting off with signing waivers and delicious jungle juice while we waited for our guide. We had about 9 people on the tour including the 3 of us.

It takes a leisurely 45 minutes to reach the boma on private truck, smaller than the safari ride. During this time you follow the path of Kilimanjaro Safari but pausing longer and in different spots. Prepare for looks from other guests wondering who the celebrity is!

We had an amazing view of the giraffes, including 3 month old baby Isla. Zoologist Rachel met up with us on a "show truck" used to feed the animals, drawing the giraffes even closer! She answered any and all questions, and even hinted that there might be a new baby on the way! Disney doesn't like to announce pregnancy in case something happens. The calves make their appearance in the Savannah only when they are ready. Isla, for example, came out around 2 months but two older boys didn't come out until 5 or 6 months.

Disney has permission to breed only certain animals, and it may come as a surprise that baby Isla happened naturally. They are able to track the giraffes cycle using their droppings, and determine pregnancy this way as well.

We learned that each animal is trained to come home at night to their hurricane proof barn with a specific noise. Even the crocodiles are trained!

Every September they have whats called croc-a-palooza where the crocodiles are taken in a and given their annual physical. That;'s why you will see them painted, its to keep track of what they are being treated for. The crocs are trained to get in a crate and present their legs! We also learned that although its rare, the crocs do fight in the Savannah and have even lost hands and feet.

At the boma, there are tapas and unlimited wine and beer. Each wine has a unique conservation story. Tapas for us included edamame, house made beef jerky, shrimp, date and almond bars, hummus, and desserts. I would suggest planning on a quick service or snack after, as its not quite dinner. The boma also had a boardwalk and binoculars where you can see lions and other animals. You spend over an hour there and its fabulous.

The ride back was less eventful, as the lions are pretty far away.

At the end, you get to choose a conservation project for Disney to donate to on your behalf. You also get a pin and a set of coasters!

Overall, this experience was by far the highlight of my trip. It was amazing and well worth the money in my opinion. Call us to book your trip today!

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