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How to Survive a Vacation Emergency


We cannot stop living because of the fear of what can happen. We can't let the fear win. We also can't ignore that there are very real threats to us. Its our responsibility to acknowledge these threats and be as prepared as we can be, while still enjoying our lives. Here are some tips and information to help you in the worst vacation scenarios.

The BEST way to protect yourself is travel insurance. Everyone should be properly insured before traveling. Even as something as minor as heat stroke or dehydration can cost you thousands of dollars when travelling. **If you have a preexisting condition book travel insurance at the same time as your trip, or within a week of booking** If you book trip insurance two weeks after your trip is booked, preexisting conditions are not covered by most insurance companies.

Include emergency contacts in your passport.

Medical Scenarios. First and foremost, when traveling keep all necessary medications with you. Never put medications into checked luggage. You never know what situation you may find yourself in. If you have any medical conditions, consider getting an app on your phone or mobile device that can hold medical records. Make sure the people traveling with you know of any life threatening conditions.

Know when to seek Emergency Room care and when to seek Urgent Care Centers.

Make sure you know the countries emergency number. The State Department complied a PDF of the numbers here.

When traveling internationally, its best to know where the nearest US embassy is. This link has every embassy around the world.

The local embassy can help you find good medical care in an emergency and can help notify family members back home.

The State Department is available to call for many emergencies. They can help you assess the danger where you are, help with any child emergencies, and give you the latest news on disasters. Save these numbers in your phone, and keep them written down in your wallet or passport cover ahead of your vacation. From the U.S. & Canada call 1-888-407-4747. For international calls call +1 202-501-4444

The State Department also has a helpful website full of information you may need. For peace of mind, you could look it over ahead of time, but please, do not overly stress over the unknowns of life. Vacation is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Lost Passport. Call the State Department, and the nearest embassy as soon as you realize its missing. Don't wait and hope it will turn up. Its better to get it handled as soon as possible.

You can always call us here at Seabrook Travel to help get you on a flight home, or find alternative means of evacuation, and find you a new hotel if need be.

The importance of travel insurance cannot be over said. Please deeply consider it for your next vacation. We want you to be safe and happy!

Don't Travel Alone, Travel With Us!

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